Who we are. What we do.

Our Values

Make the World a Better Place

We value leaving the world better than we found it. From sustainability to supporting good ideas, we want to do our part in contributing to this planets well being.


We believe that quality is its own reward. We strive to develop our skills as a team so we can better develop your business with meaningful, engaging content.

Meaningful Relationships

Connection, growth and trust create better business. We are looking to understand our clients and create long term mutually beneficial relationships.

Our Mission

To connect life changing companies with people.

Our mission is to create bridges between company values and people values through the medium of video. We do this with goal oriented storytelling and high quality animation that emphasise companies core messages that resonate with their audiences.

Meet The Team

The companies core team members
Alexander Allen Alexander Allen Director
Amelia Brennan Amelia Brennan Digital Strategist
Gaurav Arora Gaurav Arora Lead Animator
James Daly James Daly Animator
Sam Zinner Sam Zinner Voice Artist
Nathan Halloran Nathan Halloran Sound Designer

Industries we serve

We have served a wide range of professional industries from startups, professional sporting bodies to corporate. We understand industries have their own specific culture, jargon and needs. Our experience working with these industries position us in an advantageous position to understand your market and the knowledge in connecting with them. If you want to learn more about what industries we have worked in and how we adapted to their needs do not hesitate to contact us.
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Agency partnerships

We love working with agencies. We have a variety of flexible options and white labelling services. We can work closely in your offices or remotely with video link check-ins. Agencies working with us have found it a simple process that helps offload overworked in-house staff without hurting the production budget. We want to create long lasting relationships with agencies we work with. Contact us via email to discuss your needs and how we may help you.
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