How much does an Explainer Video cost in 2021?

How much does an Explainer Video cost in 2021?

The answer to this question, like most open ended questions comes down to “It depends”. 

We get it, it’s a frustrating experience when you’ve been tasked to create an explainer video for your company. Local animation video production in Sydney is still a relatively new industry and word of mouth recommendations can sometimes come few and far between.
If you’ve done your due diligence, you’ll have performed a google search and sent off a few requests to some agencies for a quote. The answers can often make things more confusing than helpful when your quote comes in anywhere from $500 – $8000 for a 60 second video. What’s the difference between these services? How can some produce videos for so cheap and still have the same ‘benefits’ listed as the $8000 company?

What you get when you pay for a $500 60 second explainer video

Several companies (not naming names) intentionally low-ball their initial bid in order to win the work, confident they can make up for it by billing for circumstances that change down the road. Make sure you take a close look at their ‘revisions’ clauses in their contracts. How many revisions do you get during the production process? How much are they willing to change in the revision process itself? What are they not including that you may realise was an essential component of the explainer video.
Look, some companies can produce nice looking videos for such low prices, in fact if you’re a startup, we have a team and process specifically to create explainer videos that keep costs down for you. There are many tricks of the trade that can help produce an explainer video for cheaper than Australia’s market rate with the use of outsourcing and stock animations.
For explainer videos on a budget, the question isn’t about how unique and eye-catching can my video look – the real question is ‘How can I squeeze the most value out of a low budget explainer video?’ The answer is with quality script writing, clear goals for the video and a compelling offer. While most budget explainer videos will ask you to provide them with the script, at Sydney Animation Studios, our start-up videos still include a professional script writer and goal focused approach to its creation.

What you get when you pay for an $8000 60 sec explainer video

Agencies that charge more for their explainer videos are likely to appeal to enterprise-level businesses. These agencies work to attract the best animation and storytelling talent to work on explainer videos with generous marketing budgets that ensure their explainer videos make a big impact.
The difficulty with spending big on your explainer video is that it’s much harder to achieve a significant ROI. The more you invest the harder it is for your video to make the returns you were hoping for. However there are other tangible benefits to spending more on a schmick looking explainer video, improving brand perception, engagement and awareness can all offer discreet benefits to your companies overall impression to prospective clients.

What are the costs required to create an explainer video?

At any level there are certain costs that are required to create an explainer video, this includes hiring animators, illustrators, scriptwriters, storyboarders, musicians, sound effects, equipment, software and time. For the most part it is reasonable to pay between $2500-6000 for a quality explainer video that remains on budget, on time without the hassle of additional fees or costs and having the video handled by professionals with a good reputation.

Final words

The video industry is in a state of constant evolution and likely as automation, stock animation and more animators flood the market, we can expect the cheaper end of the animation market to have higher quality videos that closer match the more premium explainer videos you can purchase today. However who knows what software and technology will emerge that will allow for higher end animation work on explainer videos. Check back with us in a few years and we will break it down for you then.

If you want to know how much your explainer video will cost, we have an animated questionnaire you can take that will get you a quote very fast. Take our questionnaire here

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