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We are Start-up Specialised. Learn why below.

Do You Need Explaining?

Tailored, affordable start-up videos that clearly communicate the core of your business, how you work and why they should opt-in. Need an explainer video? No problem. Want an interesting testimonial video? Look no further. Want to create a video series to educate and build trust with your customers? We can help. With over 6 years of experience in the start-up industry, we're ready to bring you on-board and launch ready!

What you receive

A Start-up Video Specialist

Being a start-up ourselves, we know a thing or two about the processes and niche requirements of a start-up. You will be partnered with a video strategist to help guide your decision-making and get the most out of your video marketing needs.

A Video For Every Budget

Whether you're a fledgling bootstrapper or a VC funded company, we have a dedicated team to match your budget. From simple and effective motion graphics to Google quality animation, stock music to a custom done-for-you suite with an in-house up-and-coming sound designer, you can be assured we have something to match your needs.

Reasonable turn-arounds

We boast an average of 14 day turnaround times for simple 90 second explainer videos however we also have developed a system to create a video in just under 7 days. It's not easy and the creative options are limited but we've seen the need and this is our answer.

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How It Works

Here's our process in a nutshell


Identify goals, style and direction for your video. This includes a short questionnaire.

Scripting and Storyboarding

The team create a first draft of your script and storyboard.

Animation, Voiceover and Music

Animation begins and the sound team get to work.

Video Editing

The final render is created and submitted for review.

Client Handover

The final changes are made and the full HD render is sent via Dropbox.

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