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The history of Sydney Animation Studios (2013- 2021)

The Beginning

Sydney Animation Studios have been around for a long time. Filling a niche in the new ‘explainer’ market back in 2013 under the name “Sydney Sales Videos” (SSV) it quickly found its niche in creating ‘Sales videos’ that would sit on a landing page and take a visitor through the company product and walk them through an effective sales pitch. With high speed internet starting to become the norm, Sydney Sales Videos entered the market at the perfect time for growth.
Since then, the company has produced 100’s of videos for both corporate and startups and is seeking to become the largest provider of animated videos in Australia.

How We Began

Founded by Alexander Allen who had a keen interest in entrepreneurship while undertaking media subjects at UNSW – was invited to take part in a new diploma titled “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” after excelling in a general education business course.
The history of Sydney Animation Studios (2013- 2021)
Founding director Alexander Allen
While he enjoyed the diploma, Alexander left halfway through his diploma to start his own business. Seeing an opening in the new and unexplored market of “Explainer videos” he assembled a team of competent, passionate and like-minded individuals to start his own company. Since starting the company Alexander has been reveling in his passion for running a company, managing relationships and applying his personal values of trust, mutual benefit and excellence into his business.

From Sydney Sales Videos to Sydney Animation Studios

In 2019 Sydney Sales Videos outgrew its name and mission and has transformed into “Sydney Animation Studios” to identify with the wider ranging needs that animated video could supply. The move is a sign of the success and maturation of the business and it moves into an exciting, bigger and better future.

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