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Education Explained.

How do you standardise on-boarding and up-skilling of team members? How do you reach your sales team when they're abroad? What do you do when you have the mammoth task of training hundreds of people without the huge costs of hiring educators to visit each team in person? The answer? Educational explainer videos. Corporate training video production is the most effective, convenient and mobile training platform on the planet. See below what we can do for you.

Why are training videos effective?

Visual and Auditory Learning

Can Learn Anywhere At Anytime

Complex Concepts Made Simple

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How It Works


Identify goals, style and direction for your video. This includes a short questionnaire.

Scripting and Storyboarding

The team create a first draft of your script and storyboard.

Animation, Voiceover and Music

Animation begins and the sound team get to work.

Video Editing

The final render is created and submitted for review.

Handover to Client

The final changes are made and the full HD render is sent via Dropbox.

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